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Monday, November 14, 2011

Adventures in Caking: The Legend of Zelda

I'm pretty much an awesome wife.  When Husband said he didn't care what kind of cake I made him for his birthday, I originally planned on just making his favorite coffee-chocolate cake.  Then I thought I could put a little fondant Triforce on it (he's loved every Zelda game his entire life).  But if I was going to be making fondant anyway, I might as well do something a little more elaborate.  Then it turned into a whole, big design.  And finally, I decided to try out new recipes.

Dark chocolate-bacon cake.  With maple-bacon frosting.  And bacon fondant.

The cake itself was basically the same recipe as the coffee-chocolate cake, but with bits of bacon mixed in.  It's really good, but next time I'll mince the bacon (instead of just chopping it into small pieces), because I didn't really like the noticeable pieces of bacon in the cake.  They just get too chewy and weird in a cake.

But the frosting.  A-mazing.  For this, I did mince the bacon, because I knew I'd be putting fondant over it, and I didn't want it to make my cake all bumpy (or tear the fondant) with bacon pieces.  Personally, I could do without the bacon and just eat the most delicious frosting I've ever tasted in my life, but the saltiness of the bacon added a great flavor.  And since Husband wanted bacon, it was perfect.

For the fondant, I ordered some liquid bacon flavoring and just about 5 drops of it, along side regular vanilla extract.  It had a vague hint of bacon, but it was a sweet taste (since it's all marshmallows and sugar, anyway).  It was great by itself, but I couldn't really taste it on the cake (I'm also not a big fondant person - I love it for decorating, since I can do so much more with it, but I don't care if it's on the cake or not.  Fortunately, the recipe I use tends to blend in pretty seamlessly with the frosting flavors, so it's really not very noticeable at all.)

Then I miraculously stumbled across a tiny square fondant cutter that I didn't even know I had.  That probably saved me about 10 hours of work.  All the decorations are fondant (since I'm pretty terrible at piping, but after this cake, I feel like I'm going to need to learn - I think the lettering at the top would have been much better piped, if I were more capable), except the bushes, which are just leftover maple-bacon frosting.

Husband loved his cake.  Then he decided the only thing that would make it cooler would be if I made him a Zelda cake for birthday every year, progressing chronologically through the sequence of Zelda games.  This is going to be interesting....

I think he likes it.  :)  Also, he's had this shirt for years, but we also got him a Triforce winter hat and a little metal Zelda mint tin for his birthday this year.  He's my favorite dork.


  1. How big did you actually make this cake? What is the size of your squares as well? This cake looks super cool!

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