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Saturday, April 7, 2012

My New Tattoo!

Celtic Motherhood Tattoo
I got a new tattoo!  It's actually my fifth one, but the first really visible one.  I have one on the top of my foot, but it's pretty easy to hide, if need be.  I feel like I've entered a new world of tattoo-having.  There's a pretty big difference between having tattoos and no one knowing it and having a tattoo that people will see the majority of the time (especially because I HATE long-sleeves - it's just so hard to eat with sleeves.  Or go to the bathroom.  Is that weird that I don't like to sit on a toilet while wearing a long-sleeved shirt?  I think it's the fear of sleeve-contamination-while-wiping).

Anyway, it is (supposedly, but even if it isn't accurate, I still love it) a Celtic Motherhood knot.  The top heart is me (January), the bottom heart is Husband (and co-creator of the children), the top left circle is Ant (August), and top right is Sweet D (October).  There is room to add more children, if/when the occasion arises (punny?).  I love it.  I've wanted a tattoo to symbolize motherhood since I became a mom, but I've never found an idea I liked before.  When I saw this one, I knew it was the right one for me.  I found the design online and came up with the idea for the mother/father hearts myself.  It's so perfect.  You know, unless I divorce Husband and/or get impregnated by someone else.  But I'll deal with that conundrum if and when I have to.  I'll just make sure I only sleep with people born in November.  Problem solved!  (Obviously that's in jest... one Scorpio in my life is more than enough.)

On a side note, I was surprised by how much this one hurt.  I either forgot how much they hurt (since it's been six years since my last one), or it hurts a lot more on your wrist than other places (I have one that's around 14" by 8" on my lower back, including over my tail bone - so I'm thinking I'm mis-remembering how much that one actually hurt).  Compared to childbirth, it was nothing.  But now I have a pretty scar to bear that reminds me of my most favorite people in the world - instead of the "tiger stripes" adorning the rest of my body (of which I'm not embarrassed, but also far from fond of).  I put on my tough-girl face, though, and Husband said he couldn't tell I was even slightly uncomfortable.  Now if only I could be that tough again through labor in the future (which could take about as long as this tattoo took, since Sweet D took an hour and 45 min)...

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