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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wait, It's 2012? A Visit From My Muse

Hi!  Oops.  What happened to the first three months of this year?  I could blame the kids (they always need things, like attention, love, food, etc.  Ugh.), or the brief stint in the hospital (suck it, appendix), or the insane landscaping project we've undertaken in the last month of 80+ degree temps every day (actually, that probably is a lot to blame), but I think the biggest reason I haven't been blogging is simply that I've hit some sort of wall of writer's block.  I've started a few entries and just can't get past the first sentence.  How do you make an appendicitis or 3 yr old's broken collar bone funny?  I'm working on it, trust me. When I figure it out (and am visited by the muse of blogs - whoa, that sounds like some sort of horrifying beast; I'm picturing a cross between mermaid Sirens and Jabba the Hutt, gurgling out witticisms while sensually flapping its obese, scaled tail against the rocks, making a blubber-meets-wet-moss slapping sound that I always imagine when I think about fat people having sex (which I try not to think about too often, but it happens, you know)), I'll be sure to update.

In the meantime, please accept this as my apology.  I've been busy and crafty and uninspired.  Verbosely uninspired.  In other departments, I've been divinely inspired.  You want a jar or candle votive dyed pink?  I'm on top of it.  A knife block painted pink?  Done.  A pink chalkboard menu planner?  Check.  And for the explosion of crafts and pink, Pinterest is wholly to blame.  But Pinterest is decidedly not cohesive to the distribution of my muse (which is, given the nature of my blogger muse, probably a good thing, or I imagine Pinterest would likely be significantly less popular).

Anyway, I'll try my hardest to actually start updating.  But just be warned, it might include things like updates on landscaping and various pink-laden Pinterest projects.  I will do my best to also write humorous anecdotes, though.  Regardless, I'm back.  For now.

I'll leave you with this:

"*Slurp* You should *gurgle* write about *slap, slurp* that time *belch* that funny thing happened *gurgle, slurp*"

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